Why Yes, I am Dependent

Last night over dinner with our friends Ben and Maddy, Brady expressed his zeal over the fact that he can claim me as a dependent this year on his tax return.  For a minute, I felt a bit better about myself knowing I could be at least some financial help to my husband, and the next it hit me just how utterly dependent I am on him.  Case in point: the job search is not going so well for me.  Things could be worse, of course, and I really can’t complain about spending my days in a sunny one bedroom apartment with the love of my life (Audrey), but it is easy to feel a little pointless. Thus, to make myself feel slightly better, I’ve made a drastic life decision: I will become the Coupon Queen. Though I might not be making an income, I can at least be saving money. After all, tomorrow is double coupon day at Rainbow!  To become the Coupon Queen I must become both savvy, organized, and likely crazy, but the money saved will be worth it!

After doing a bit of browsing on the web, three overarching tips surfaced:

1) Some of the best coupons are found in the Sunday paper, and as many grocery stores place no limit on coupons, it’s worth it to buy a few extra copies.

2) Shop various grocery stores on days when they double coupons.

3) Print coupons from manufactures’ websites,  and various coupon sites, such as The Coupon Clippers. The only tricky thing about this is that a printer is necessary. As Coupons generally can’t be downloaded and printed later, I think it’s worth the investment to buy a printer….thus, I will be doing my best to persuade Brady to let me have a printer when he comes home from work.

All for now! If you have any coupon-savvy tips, do send them my way!



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