Happy Birthday, Momma!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Mary Gotta! : mother to nine, Grandma to one, sister to five, friend to so many and wonderful side-kick to my Dad.


Baby girl #2 (which is me) with my Mom

I love you, Mom, for too many reasons to list! Thanks for taking Maria and me to the library when we were little—you opened a new world to us that, to this day, we’re still sticking our noses in. Thank you for letting me take ‘mental health’ days during school to bake banana bread and stay in my pajamas all day if I wanted…or taking just the two of us out for Chinese food….which seems too odd to be true! Baby Jack must have tagged along, too.


My parents with my baby twin sisters

Thank you for the often daily Skype chats when I was homesick in Norway and then in England.  Despite your ever-packed schedule, you always made time to listen to my miniature issues and encouraged me to press on.

Thank you for always being so kind to Audrey—even though she is generally a tart. Thank you for taking care of ‘my baby’ for nearly a whole year while I was away. I always knew she was in safe hands.

Thank you for taking me wedding dress shopping and for making me ‘try on one more’ until I found the perfect dress. Thank you for helping me plan my dream wedding.

I hope you can steal some time away and do something lighthearted and fun today! I love you, Momma!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Momma!

    • Thank you my dear Daughter; I feel so humbled and am so incredibly blessed that God sought fit to give you to me! Love you so, so much!

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