Happy Friday!

photo courtesy of Web in a Page

photo courtesy of Web in a Page


It’s been a good, productive week, but aren’t we all relieved it’s Friday? The Twin Cities had some stormy weather earlier in this week, but the forecast for the weekend is perfect and I’m looking forward to spending much needed time outside. Audrey is too.

Tonight I’m taking my college friend Christina out for a birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant followed by drinks at the Dakota Jazz Club on the other side of the Mississippi. One of Brady’s best friends from college, Erin, will also be in town and it will be great to enjoy some time with her.


Other than that, I’m excited to sleep in (my all time favorite pastime), maybe do some biking, and hopefully indulge in a pastry or two at the serendipitous Patisserie 46 in south Minneapolis.


If you have some extra time today, here are some fun links worth a peek…

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Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? Have a great one!




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