Happy Friday!



photo courtesy of cruello.tumblr

photo courtesy of cruello.tumblr

The weekend is so close I can feel it and after a somewhat grueling week, it couldn’t come too soon. After four weddings and countless family get-togethers this summer, I’m happy that B and I will be enjoying another low-key weekend at home.

Tonight we’ll be meeting some friends for a picnic at Lake of the Isles and a good friend of mine whom I’ve known since kindergarten (!) we’ll be spending the night with us.


Tomorrow we might go explore the little town of Stillwater, a supposedly pretty destination along the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I’ve found that most Midwestern boutique-y towns are pretty pet-friendly, so we’ll probably even bring our baby Audrey along for the ride. 🙂

On Sunday night I’m taking B out for  a surprise date! (Let’s hope he’s not reading this!)


And with that, a few stories and ideas from around the globe that made me giggle and wonder today:


This baby panda made my heart drop 

Why you cannot disguise a dog as a lion

Do you hate strong female characters?

The countries which deserve your dollars

Places to hang with your pooch in Minneapolis

How to use coffee to win an argument


Have a lovely one! xo Em



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