The Best Coffee Table Books

photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide

photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide

Maybe it’s because I’m no longer living out of a suitcase in a very tiny room or because I’m no longer over drafting in textbooks every fall (one of the few perks of adulthood!), but , for whatever reason, I’ve been obsessed with coffee table books this year.

Not only do books bring immediate personality and character to a room, but an interesting book—even a great cover— is an instant conversation starter.  It’s a perfect way to express your interests to others and, for me, there’s no better way to spend a few extra minutes than moseying through beautiful photographs and words.

I’m still in the process of creating my collection, but a few favorites on my coffee table are:

The New York Times’ 36 Hours Series

I’ve long loved the NYT travel section and when their 36 Hour Travel Series was anthologized in beautiful, cloth-bound pastels covers, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I currently have The 36 Hours in Europe book and look forward to collecting the rest. I love browsing through the full-color pages remembering my adventures in Europe and plotting out the destinations I’ve still got to see.

Paris in Color

I heard about this new book via a Parisian blog and ordered it from Amazon on the spot. To my delight, the photographs are truly representative of the Paris I remember from my visit last spring and are a sure way of adding vibrancy to any ho-hum day.

Audrey always has to be in the picture!

Audrey always has to be in the picture!

The Life and Love of Trees

I spotted this stunning book in a little boutique in pretty Excelsior, Minnesota and loved how it infused the space with nature and energy. For those of us with a black thumb, this is the perfect way of bringing the outdoors in.

The French Dog

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of escaping to France to live a quiet life of drinking good wine, savoring perfect cheeses and enjoying leisurely walks through the French countryside…perhaps what I’m really dreaming about is the life of a French dog? While they may not sip champagne, these pooches charmingly captured by Rachael Hale certainly live the good life.

Les Petits Macaroons: Colorful Confections to Make at Home

This was a sweet gift I received from my in-laws after they toured the California Culinary Academy. While I’m guilty of not yet attempting to make these pretty treats, I’ve definitely taken my fill of the beautiful photographs and reading through the scrumptious, honestly easy to follow recipes.

Design Sponge At Home

Yes, I admit: when I purchased this book right after our October wedding, I knew I had been missing out for far too long, but no more. This book has become my go-to guide for awesome DIY ideas and home inspiration. I’ve looked through it dozens of times, but still take a peek or two when  in need of décor motivation.

What are your favorite coffee table books? Where do you shop for  them?

Xo, Em


3 thoughts on “The Best Coffee Table Books

  1. I LOVE The French Dog! It’s such a beautifully photographed book. I didn’t pull the trigger and buy the book, but once I move into a bigger place with more room(!!!) I’m definitely picking it up.

    I love having cookbooks on my coffee table. They have gorgeous photos and are great conversation starters.

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