Happy Friday!


photo courtesy of Letters from the World

Good morning, lovelies! It’s a gorgeous Friday morning here in Minneapolis and, like all you working ladies, I’m thankful it’s Friday.

 Our plans for this weekend have changed a bit since Brady’s been sick all week and I also seem to be coming down with something, but if all bodes well, we’re hoping to attend the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday.  Since I’ve never (not once!) been to the fair, I’m really excited. I want to eat good deep fried-food and hold a baby piglet. It’s my secret goal to actually take home a baby piglet.  Afterall, Aya would love a friend.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in the mood for browsing, here’s some fun finds from around the web:

How to have an internet famous cat

Designer Emily Henderson’s beautiful home

I adore the whimsy of these delicate art pieces

How to apply make-up well

 Are left-handed people smarter? (I’m a rightie!:)

Frozen tiramisu? You know this recipe must be authentic when you must translate it from Italian!

 Why kids like being kids (did they ever not?)

Also! Stay tuned for a surprise on Monday!:)



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