The Great Gatsby Is Out

the-great-gatsby-carey-mulliganIs anyone else excited that The Great Gatsby comes out today? While the film’s mixed reviews diminish some of the excitement, I’m in the minority of Fitzgerald fans who mostly liked the film. Yes, I thought certain parts were overdone (particularly the introduction of the yellow car), and though I wasn’t sold on Carey Mulligan’s performance, I didn’t expect to be.  It’s my belief that Daisy’s  elusive, flighty and, ultimately, hated nature cannot be captured out of print.

Still, the costumes, color and vitality Baz Luhrmann breathed into the film did, on many levels, emulate the novel. I live across the Mississippi—on the other side of Fitzgerald’s hometown of Saint Paul—and can’t help but believe he’d be proud to see Jay and Daisy on the big screen (again),  and pleased with Luhrmann for making the themes and characters of 1925 as relevant today.


One thought on “The Great Gatsby Is Out

  1. I read so many mixed reviews on this movie that I was prepared to not like Gatsby at all. I saw it a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. Not many movies can stand up to the book and this one didn’t make me cringe. The cinematography was beautiful!

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