Our Labor Day Weekend

Did you all have a nice Labor Day weekend? Wasn’t it nice having yesterday off? A highlight of my weekend was taking my little sisters back to school shopping. They start kindergarten today! These girlies were born two months premature and were in the hospital for over a month before they could come home to us. During my freshman year at college, I would visit them everyday–amazed that these tiny humans were my sisters.



Natalie (L) and Brigette (R) have made my life infinitely richer and sweeter and I know they’re going to love this new adventure…and how cute is their princess lunch box and Hello Kitty backpack?

Today I am thankful for: a long leisurely weekend in Fargo, my baby sisters and darling nieces and nephew… and Brady for driving us to Fargo and back again! X


P.S. Did you catch Ashleigh’s first post?!


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