Where Would You Most Like to Travel?



For me, hearing the word travel is stirring and refreshing all at once; like opening a window or listening to shower water hit the bathroom tiles. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively throughout Europe, including a year in England, but there are so many worlds left to see. For this reason, I’m constantly scheming over the next trip and continually battling Brady over nixing frivolities like our gym memberships, cable and expensive coffee habit. The conversation usually plays out something like this:

“Brady, what if we ate peanut butter and jelly for a whole month? We could go to Peru, then! It’d be worth it!”

“You can go to Peru by yourself then.”

Thus, I find myself living an ordinary American lifestyle working hard to pay bills and get through the month while wishing we could do something radical. Namely, sell our cars, all the furniture, my violin and teach English in Asia.

Until I convince my husband to do just that, I’m trying to ditch my coffee habit and save up pennies for a possible trip to Peru. I found really reasonable flights direct from Minneapolis for this winter, so! I’ll keep you posted. After Peru, there’s really countless places I’d love to visit…Kenya, Spain, Greece, Madagascar, New Zealand…someday (hopefully) soon.

Where would you like most to travel?

Photo courtesy of  wwwcastlescrownscottages.blogspot.com

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