Happy Friday


Did any of you get outside this morning? If the view outside your window was anything like mine, I bet you couldn’t help yourself.  The sunrise here in Minneapolis was extraordinary. As I took Audrey out for her morning walk, the sky was pink and yellow and the clouds seem to hover only a hundred yards above the sidewalk.

I’m very thankful for mornings like this one. I’m also grateful for a weekend escape.

After work this evening, a dear friend will be picking me up and we’re both abandoning our men for a long-overdue girls’ weekend.  All week my friends and I have much messaging about what we’re bringing to the cabin, and we’re not talking booze.

So far we’ve got: brownies, rhubarb crisp, stuff for s’mores, spinach and artichoke dip (provided by yours truly), muffins, a fall snack mix, pizza…ha! The best part is we’re generally very health-conscious.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! If you’re in the mood to browse, you might enjoy the following…

A lost masterpiece is discovered

This looks so fresh and delish

2013’s Top European City (it’s really quite a shocker)

New Yorkers know how to dress

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting? You had me at pumpkin!

Totally practicable and doable ideas for your nest

How to make the prettiest pastel frosting colors

This could be dangerous

Madewell is offering 30% off their new fall line today! Online only! Use the code “FALLFUN.”



Image courtesy of Danielle Yusko


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