What Every Woman Needs To Own

Now that the weather’s becoming cooler, I’m excited to unpack my fall clothes and cosy up in warm layers, boots, and my favorite jacket of all time: my trench.

With the exception of my favorite jeans, no other item in my closest has gotten more wear than my trench and I have the pictures to prove it! Throughout my time in England and beyond, I wore my trench everywhere and it was the one piece that made me feel ‘put together’ in photos and slightly less touristy during my travels.



Strolling around in Bristol, England 



Exploring Piazza San Marco in Venice



Casual in Florence, Italy



On the Metro in Paris



At Hardy’s Cottage in England with my sister



Moseying through Bath, England



Arriving in Venice


In the land of Shakespeare

Whenever I’m rushing out the door, I love that my trench can instantly make me feel more polished.  And I think my new army jacket will have the same effect. What makes you feel put together when you’re rushing out the door? Do you have a go-to jacket?  

One thought on “What Every Woman Needs To Own

  1. I completely agree that a trench is one of those essential wardrobe pieces. It’s impossible not to feel classy wearing one! Of course, a Barbour coat is also incredibly useful for English weather. Unfortunately, they don’t really fit into the classy category. 😉

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