Green and Blacks Chocolate

They say the best things in life are free… while I don’t usually subscribe to this view, it turns out working for free can often make you appreciate the smaller things.  This morning I was invited to go to the Venue and Events Live show for the magazine that I’m interning for.  The key speaker today was Josephine Fairley, co-founder of Green and Blacks chocolate, business woman and inspirational speaker.


She spoke of her desire to ‘change the world, one square of chocolate at a time’, and that trying to do something ‘good’ for the world is a as important as doing good business.  Green and Blacks was the first company to be registered as Fairtrade, and Jospehine has spent over last twenty years campaigning for better working conditions for workers internationally.

She’s now an inspirational speaker, beauty writer, wellness center owner and soon to be perfume maker.  She might be everything I want to be?

Her best quote when we chatted after: ‘Ashleigh, work has to be about pursuing your passion, not your pension, remember that and you’ll never fall down.’

Hopefully one day we’ll all be able to look back on our careers with this view.



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