Happy Friday


It’s a quarter past nine on the most perfect late summer morning in Sussex, the sun is pouring through my (not for much longer) open window and I for one am thrilled it’s the weekend.  Yes, I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed, not at work.

This weekend I’m finally making an overdue to return to my University town of Bristol with my old housemates, and I can’t wait.  We have two whole days to spend together and catch-up; something we never get to do despite the charms of social media.   I can’t wait to get my camera out, enjoy lots of west country cider and stroll around the streets I know so well.

This weekend also marks the beginning of a new era, I’m away this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, the first one of us to turn 25.  Not forgetting that OfftheShelf’s own Emily Johnson also turns 25 tomorrow! As we all begin to leave our early twenties behind, I’ve begun to wonder if the way we behave and see the world changes – so far, I still feel the same way about Bristol as I did when I first arrived, aged 19.   But I’m so grateful for the wonderful memories this city has helped create for my friends and I.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it’s glorious…!

I made an impromptu visit to Oxford St after work last night, here’s some of the best autumn clothes and products I stumbled upon:

  • Scrub away the first chills of the new season with this exfoliator from Soap & Glory
  • Mac Retro Matte Vintage – After writing about these this week, I just could resist getting one.
  • I showed real self-restraint yesterday and didn’t spend all my week’s wages on this, no I regret it and I I’ll order this AMAZING coat online.


  • If I fall head-first back in love with Bristol this weekend, I’m going to put a deposit down on this flat in Clifton
  • If you can get last night tickets, go and see Noel Coward’s Private Lives at The Gielgud. It’s incredible.

Happy Friday!







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