Fashion How To: Fall Layers

Even though it’s been one of the warmest falls to date here in Minneapolis, mornings have been crisp and cool and I find myself reaching for one extra layer before stepping out the door. And that’s one of the reasons why I love fall. After a summer of tanks and shorts, I’m suddenly able to pull out my favorite boots, scarves and sweaters. The best part? I can wear them all at once.

Layering is simple and practical and, when done right, can look so chic.




layers4How can you wear the look?

#1: Stick to neutrals and add one pop of color. Whether you choose a grey scheme or black and white palette, choosing colors that already go together ensure you won’t look overdone.

#2: Go thin to thick. Layer on your thinnest layers first–tank top, chambray and then your leather jacket–to eliminate bulk. Adding tights or leggings in place of jeans is another way to stay streamlined.

#3: Have fun with your shoes. Shoes can really make the outfit and complete your look. For comfort, it’s hard to beat ankle boots and ballet flats and for a dressier look, nude heels are always a do.

Happy layering!

Photos courstey of unknown


7 thoughts on “Fashion How To: Fall Layers

    • Unfortunately I don’t! I always credit my images, but was unable to find the sources for these photos. Anthropologie and Gap have some cosy over-sized sweaters this season–otherwise, when I know I’ll be layering, I like to buy sweaters a size up. Hope this helps!

  1. Love the layered looks, especially the last one. I might not be wearing high heels, but a big sweater with a turtleneck and some flats is an outfit I could definitely manage. 🙂

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