The North Shore

It feels like ages since I wrote, so I hope you can forgive me. B and I were up along the North Shore celebrating our anniversary and even though this is my first day back at work, I’m ready to go back. Our lodge was cosy and our room had almost a full-length window facing Lake Superior.

This part of Minnesota is quiet and simple already with only little hole in the wall cafes and cabins dotting the 110 mile stretch between Duluth and Grand Marais, but visiting in the off-peak season made it feel even more remote. It was delicious feeling like we had the place all to ourselves.

We ate way too much, took naps and never tired of admiring the views of the water.



The drive itself felt like an adventure and I love how greatly the landscape changes from southern Minnesota.



We had enjoyed some unexpectedly good pizza at a tiny bar near our lodge.

duluth1We also had our share of the best smoked fish this side of Norway.

1376282_10201151941142113_981436999_nWe spent an afternoon near the Canadian border in Grand Marais and this tiny little town reminded me so much of my time in Lillehammer, Norway.


We had lunch at the New York Time reviewed restaurant The Angry Trout and it didn’t disappoint.

duluth3Best of all was, of course, spending uninterrupted time with my favorite person.

Do anyone of you have any getaway trips coming up? Even if it’s just planning an easy stay-cation, it’s so important to prioritize time to just be.  If you ever do find yourself in the Midwest, I certainly recommend your own escape to the North Shore.



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