The Problem with Christmas

Hello dearies and Happy 11.12.13!

It’s  been far too long since I last wrote and I hope you can forgive me. Between the excitement of our Colorado getaway (pictures and tips to follow soon!), the rush of getting back to work and returning to normal life, I’ve been feeling foggy and in need of a nap. I have also returned to Christmas.

Yesterday, picking up groceries from Costco and a couple baby gifts from Target, I noticed that Christmas decorations, holiday cards and gift ideas are in full swing. It is, after all, only a couple weeks until December! My sister-in-law also sent out my niece and nephews’ Christmas list yesterday and it’s left me thinking about what will be under my tree this year.


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and although my family rarely went on vacations or out to dinner growing up, Christmas was also marked by presents overflowing from under the tree.  These festively wrapped packages not only enhanced the holiday décor, but served as tangible reminders of all the goodness in store. I have been very blessed to grow up in such a household.

This year, though, my heart is in a different place. Wrapping up pastel scented soaps and expensive sweaters seems—do I daresay shallow? Unimportant? Irresponsible? 10,000 or more people have been lost in the Philippines. The faces of beautiful children waiting for a sponsor stare at me through a computer screen. When did the packages we place under the Christmas tree become more important than filling the tummies of children who, far too often, go hungry?

I don’t plan to veto gifts entirely this year, but I do plan to be mindful. I may not have the means to meet the needs of many, but I have the ability to meet the needs of a few. I can purchase chickens for a family in India. I can help ease the worry of a child waiting for sponsorship. I can provide safe lodging for a girl fleeing sexual traffickers.

I’m blessed to be in the rare position to be able to give this Christmas and I hope you may consider doing the same.


P.S. Thank you for reading my sermon of sorts! I do love gifts; the giving and the receiving—just trying to be more responsible. With that said, do you have any idea meaningful gift ideas? I love baking Christmas goodies for family and friends in place of gifts.:)


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Christmas

  1. If anyone reading is looking for a tangible way to give to the people of Uganda, I am making up Christmas baskets of essential food and laundry items to give to the people in our village. Each one costs $20 and will more than meet a family’s needs and provide them with their own opportunity to enjoy a meal and fellowship together this Christmas. Just throwing that out there in case anyone is interested 🙂

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