How Do You Unwind?


One of my favorite ways of getting through the work-week is planning an honorary ‘do nothing night.’ While these nights don’t happen nearly as often as I like, I’m learning that avoiding my to-do list and turning off my phone—for at least one night a week— is truly necessary for my health.

Even though I have the luxury of being childfree at this time in my life, keeping one night a week  free is far from easy. There’s always some kind of errand to run be it picking up a wedding gift or groceries, let alone the pressure of getting to the gym, packing lunch for the next day, doing the dishes, laundry, taking Audrey out…I don’t know how you working Mommas do it!

So, when I do have a ‘forced free night,’ it’s truly a luxury. I might make a nice dinner (poached eggs on toast thank you), paint my nails and watch Foyle’s War or maybe just read in bed and turn in early. How do you unwind during the week? Do you ever schedule a massage? Get lost in a book? How do you prioritize this in light of other responsibilities?

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5 thoughts on “How Do You Unwind?

  1. Such a timely post for me! I have been seriously struggling with finding the time to unwind recently, it just seems like there’s always something I should be doing/want to be doing. Doing some gentle yoga before I go to sleep always helps, as does making myself a nice meal and finding the time to read. Unfortunately, even the last two have been a rarity these days…

    • Oh, I’m sorry Emilia! I hate those kind of weeks. I’m trying to be better about literally forcing myself to ignore my to-do lists some days, but it’s easier said than done! This is your third year, right? I imagine school is the culprit for you!

      • Definitely! I am in my final year and, yes, school is what’s been keeping me busy. Luckily I did manage to have a getaway at the weekend. Nothing like starting the week refreshed! 🙂

  2. A ‘forced free night’ is a great idea and good for your soul. To unwind during the week, I take a nice long walk through my neighborhood and get lost in my thoughts. Walking has always been a great de-stressing activity for me. PS- Poached eggs on toast sounds like a delicious dinner!

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