Happy Friday

aya                                                         Little Audrey has been so extra cute this week

Good morning everyone,

Let’s all let out a collective sigh: the weekend is here! I’m so looking forward to the next couple of days as we don’t have too much going on and what we do have scheduled our things I love: holiday baking, maybe getting up the Christmas tree, and babysitting my sweet two month old baby Nephew.

More than anything, I want to live slowly this weekend and might even turn off my cellphone completely. Wouldn’t that be blissful?

Have a great one and  if you’re in the mood to browse…

A fun craft for us pet lovers

The most romantic dress I’ve ever laid eyes on

I love this color combo

Wouldn’t these be a treat for Thanksgiving morning?

The Gap Cash sale ends TODAY!

This is so sweet

Simple Thanksgiving inspiration

Xo Em & Ash


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Yay to weekends! Ive just stumbled on your blog from the poppy loves linky. Your scottish terrier is just took cute. Im bookmarking your site to come back and pursue when i have more time.

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