Travel Mondays: Moving to Milan

Milan, Italy

Apologies readers, for being intermittently absent for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had rather a lot to sort out, and for that reason this week’s is a very special Travel Monday…

“In order to write about life, first you must live it.”
― Ernest Hemingway

2013 has been a rather testing year for anyone looking for that dream ‘real job’, especially if you’re a writer and for this reason I’ve decided to make next year completely different.  In the first week of January I will be swapping London’s foggy, grey skyline and moving to the Italian city of Milan, to go back to school.  To take a CELTA teaching course at International House to be specific.  I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and although the course itself is only for a month, I will be staying in Italy long-term to teach English to adults.  Although teaching is something I always swore I would never do, this seems like a logical and exciting twist to my life, which although fun, has been uneventful for the last few months.

Although I loved dearly being at University, this last year has been sanguine in it’s freedom.  I think I have another month, at least, of study in me and I promise to blog about every experience as I go.  Italy is one of my favourite countries and I have been lukcy enough to see a lot of it in my 24 years.  I’ve never made it to Milan though, so this will be a whole new version of Italy to discover and I can’t wait.

The best parts of Italy :

– Real coffee, and coffee shops, no more instant or Starbucks for me.

-PASTA (!)

-Meeting new students and making new friends

-Living in a city again

-New running routes

-People watching and building spotting

– Being in the land of the Italain lakes, Lake Como,  Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Lake Garda

There’s something terribly exciting about writing a Travel Monday that’s prospective for once,  if anyone has any Milan or Lombardia tips I’d be thrilled.

Wish me luck! Ciao for now,


5 thoughts on “Travel Mondays: Moving to Milan

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