12 Days of Christmas Gifts. #1

christmastreeChristmas has always been my favorite holiday but, as a student, December left little time for baking holiday goodies and watching favorite Christmas movies. Between the rush of end of semester essays and finals, I rarely had time to enjoy the season until December 23rd. This year is gloriously different.  Although Ashleigh and I will both soon be returning to school (!), this December will be simple. I’m making a point to avoid overextending myself. I want to simply enjoy time at home watching Elf and Meet Me in St. Louis and make homemade eggnog. And send out Christmas cards.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m also making a point to keep gifts simple. The gifts I do give to family and friends I want to be meaningful. As such, Ash and I are kicking off  ’12 Days of Christmas Gifts,’ featuring pretty treasures we wouldn’t mind opening ourselves. First up? Gemstone rings.


A few years ago I received a delicate sapphire ring from my Mom for Christmas and it’s become a special memory and gift to me. Birthstone rings are personal and I’d even argue that rings are practical. I’m traditional in the piercing department, but when it comes to rings, I’ll take one for each finger please.

Etsy has a brilliant selection of birthstone jewelry and I was especially smitten with these rings from Meadowbelle Market. So delicate and feminine. I also love these couples rings. Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for newlyweds?rings2

We will be posting one Christmas gift idea each day for twelve days. Stay tuned for the remaining eleven!

xo, Em & Ash

Image courtesy of Brown Dress with White Dots


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