Have you been to…Breads etcetera?

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On a street with a plethora of cafes, pubs, all day bars and shall-remain-nameless chain coffee-shops it’s rare to find an independent breakfast, lunch and dinner offering ‘cafe’.  That is, until you stumble across Breads Etcetera on Clapham High Street, and judging by the twenty-deep queue outside as we leave, its reputation is spreading across South London like wildfire.

Alright, this might seem an overstatement, but for those in need of a lazy hangover cure, a day off dieting or just want to commit carbicide on a Sunday morning, this place is divine.  Step inside and array of artisan breads and pastries freshly baked this morning, are artfully arranged your perusal and consumption.  On the miss-matched table tops sit vintage toasters, and a selection of fine jams, spreads and sauces.


The staff are friendly and chirpy, offering healthy smoothies and fresh tea and coffee as you browse the menu.  Each breakfast option comes with a +DIY option, the idea being that you cut and toast the sourdough, rye, wholemeal or pastries in as little or as larger portion as you want.  Just don’t eat too much before your order arrives.  The vegan and vegetarian options are particularly lovely, with excellent veggie sausages and fruit platters and rustic porridge to rival any Mediterranean spread.


The decor is that charming English ‘nothing special’, which in turn makes in something special.  You drink you water from washed out jam jars and the plates and cutlery are brick-a-brac like vintage.

London may be grey and cold this time of year, but wake-up, smell the coffee and all your winter blues will be cured here.


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