12 Days of Christmas Gifts. #2


‘I’m late!
I’m late!
For a very important date!
No time to say “Hello”, goodbye!
I’m late!
I’m late!
I’m late!’

This is me, every night of every day, I am always late.  Next year my resolution is to be on time, all the time.  ‘What’s the time?’ ‘Time you got a watch!’ Oh of course.  Of course I have a plethora of clocks, a radio and smart phone, but I’m sure 2014 is the year of the watch for me.

I’m a jewellery girl, I always have been.  At 5ft clothes shopping is, at times, stressful and time consuming, I can spend hours in a changing room trying to find that outfit that doesn’t make me look like an elf in its mothers clothes, to no avail.  When I go to the counters of jewellery shops, I can breathe, safe in the knowledge that my choice will fit and suit me, whatever happens.  If I could have anything this Christmas, I’d have a grown-up girls watch, please…

If you want an investment timepiece, then a good brand like Micheal Kors or Hermes will see you well set (sorry, excuse the pun) for years.  However if you want to follow fashion, then the high street has a wonderful collection of similar styles for a tenth of the price.  So can I have a big hurrah for watches. HURRAH!  Here’s the pick of the best of 2013…

Hermès £1750

In the traditional Arceau style of luxury brand Hermèsit’s colourful strap and clear face is perfect for everyday wear.  If you wear a lot of fine, silver jewellery, the Arceau won’t overshadow your other pieces.  Team with a preppy outfit and satchel style bag for extra points.  If your budget simply won’t stretch, this Olivia Burton watch is perfect solution. This vintage watch has Brit street-style aplenty, whilst the colour pops whatever you wear.  At just £55 it’s a perfect gift too.


Olivia Burton Colour Crush Pink Watch £55

I’m a huge fan of the rose gold jewellery trend currently sweeping the nation, no more can this been seen than on the wrists in trendy ‘boyfriend’ style chunky watches.  This adds a bit of weight to the delicate, feminine colour, not to mention large watches look great if you’re a fan of stacked jewellery (see first image). Here’s two of the best rose-gold watches *hint hint, these are my favourites*


Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Stainless Steel Wren Chronograph Watch £250

Simple and stylish with a cool, rosey twist, this Michael Kors is an investment piece with panache.  The colour offsets perfectly any other you wear, and looks great with a sleek blazer and dark-wash jeans.  This Oasis watch is great take on the trend, and at £45 is a safe bet for any Christmas parties.

Oasis £45

Marc Jacobs miss-match style blend colours and watch styles in one, this piece is small and more delicate than the chunky watches that are all the rage at the moment. I love the sleek designs and the way the colours are eye-catching and bright.


Marc By Marc Jacobs Two Tone Henry Watch £209.00

A small budget friendly version is this Miss Selfridge watch, at £25 it’s is the perfect Secret Santa present and a great first watch.


Miss Selfridge £25

If I’m honest, I’ve never been a fan of digital watches.  They look too spacey and Star Wars-esque to ever compliment anything else you’re wearing.  A wander around London’s hipster locations though and I find I am in the minority, massively.  The latest additions to the coolest Casio collection yet command high colour and have a mix of the brand’s retro and contemporary style.  Two of the best coming right up….

Casio Digital Bracelet Watch £36.00

Casio Digital Bracelet Watch £36.00

Casio Digital Blue Watch £20

Casio Digital Blue Watch £20

And finally…

Vivienne Westwood Square Face Watch £199

Vivienne Westwood Square Face Watch £199

Vivienne Westwood’s latest contribution will suit anyone who wants something a little different, this watch will work perfectly for those with a dramatic, quirky style.  Think leopard-print coats and black wedge trainers.

Olivia Burton £68

Olivia Burton £68

Olivia Burton £68

Olivia Burton £68

I love these chic, clean looking Olivia Burton watches, even though they fall into the ‘affordable’ category, they wiggle there way up to ‘classic’ purely becuase of they timeless quality and sleek designs.

I could continue all day, but time is running out (sorry, another pun!).  I’ll leave you with this, in the age of smart phones no one needs a watch now, but if you pick the right one  you’ll never take it off and this year’s selection offer style and sophistication for every budget and lifestyle.



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