12 Days of Christmas: #4

It’s below zero here in Minneapolis today and this morning I piled on layer after layer, stopping only before snow pants. Hailing from this cold place, you could say I’ve figured out what works for keeping warm and one of my winter essentials has been my cowl-knit scarf.

scarf1Here I am wearing it over Thanksgiving last year (it was snowing outside!)

scarf2It was actually Ashleigh who introduced me to cowl scarves and I’ve been addicted ever since. This shot was taken just after my wedding and I’m wearing Ash’s cosy scarf! Even if your bff or Mom lives in a warmer part of the world, these scarves are fashionable and keep any level of winter chills at bay.

If you still have Christmas shopping to do, I think any of these scarves would be a lovely present.

scarfThis made to order cowl-knit scarf is thick and cosy and made from 100% wool. $88.

scarf5This metallic version by Gap is the perfect style for dressing up your look. $24.95.



This handmade scarf is another option and at $40 is so reasonable.



This lightweight option from River Island is playful and sweet. £13.00.



Wouldn’t this pop of color from J.Crew brighten up cool winter days? $65.

Although this is something I could never figure out, if you’re the crafty type, you could even knit your own cowl scarf. Happy shopping, everyone! Ash and I are excited to share with you the remaining eight gifts next week. xo






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