12 Days of Christmas Gifts. #5

There was a time when personalising Christmas presents required an afternoon of ink, stamps, and copious amount of glitter.  For 2013 however, the one-time gentile practice of having bespoke and engraved items of clothing, jewellery and utensils has trickled down to even the most modest of budgets.  The token of a personalised gift makes even the most boring of presents (initialed socks anyone?) seem that little bit more thought-through and special.

Personalised Travel Journal, by SUKIE £14.95

Personalised Travel Journal, by SUKIE

Taking their inspiration from travelling, nature, old printing processes, paper, vintage books and ephemera, Sukie aim to to create simple stationery with unique concepts.  With a variety of fun, quirky or simple and chic styles these gifts are an inexpensive way of linking a gift with someone’s passions.

Engraved Bottles, from £20. www.sayitonabottle.co.uk

Engraved Bottles, from £20. Say it on a Bottle

These made to order bottles are perfect for parents and friends, pick their favourite beverage and then when the bottles are drunk they make perfect ornaments or candle sticks.


Personalised Books for Children £12.95 www.itsyourstory.co.uk

For active readers, or those little people who need a bit more encouragement to get the pages turning, there is no better present that a personalised book.  Itsyourstory.co.uk has a multitude of titles for all ages and interests.  Simply enter the child’s name into the selection boxes and the writers will tailor the story to the individual.

Silver Cup Ring, Achkiy £40

Silver heart bracelet with grey leather cord, Achiky,  £25.00

Silver heart bracelet with grey leather cord, Achkiy,£25.00

Since 1995, Achkiy has been working to bring light and hope to some of Peru’s most impoverished communities. From the rubbish tips in the north of Lima to the shanty towns in the south, Achkiy has been training resourceful women to make high quality jewellery for a non-poverty wage.  Achkiy offers a take on beautiful jewellery that is fair-trade and thought provoking, whilst breaking away from the traditional mass-produced lines.   If you know someone with a taste for clean, simple, fine jewellery then this the gift for them.  You can design what you like and have it made and engravings are available, for a little extra.

Weekend Bag, Bill Amberg, £610

Weekend Bag, Bill Amberg, £610

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, espeically if they A. Seem to have everything and B. Are so easily pleased that they want for nothing more exciting than some fresh pairs of Calvins under the tree.  If you he’s a frequent traveller, or hasn’t a new wallet since his teens, Bill Amberg’s latest collection is modern take on traditional men’s accessories.  With dusky leather colours and sleek designs the bags, wallets, totes and satchels are a prefect special gift, and can be initialed and names with bespoke designs..  They’re not cheap, but if you want a present with punch, these are the things he will treasure forever.

Likes Poster, Rosie Robins, £38

Likes Poster, Rosie Robins, £38

It seems that these days ‘art’ that you hang on your wall is no longer just pictures and photographs, to really personalise your home, you want to notes, quotes and funny quips about the household.  Rosy Robins makes these posters in whatever colours you fancy and in any style.  At under £40 they’re an amazing way to show your friends how much you love them and how well you know them.

Klevercase covers for Kindle, iPad, Kobo and Nexus, from £25

Arty types who can’t put down their tablets will be delighted with Klevercase‘s quaint covers.  You can write message on the back and middle pages or design a cover for your recipients favourite novel.

Personalised cheeseboard and knife set, Sleepyhead, £44.95

Perfect for new home owners or regular dinner party throwers, this gorgeous Sleepyhead board and knife set, available from the incredible gift guide site notonthehighstreet.com,  is a lovely way to give someone a gift they’ll love forever.  You can have not only words, but designs and pictures carved into the boards too.


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