12 Days of Christmas: Gift #6

Have you heard of  the lovely online shop Terrain? If not, you’re in for a treat. With a penchant for finding unique and whimsical gifts, I could see finding all of my Christmas gifts here. Best yet, their gift guides are organized by interests:  The Dreamer, The Natural Beauty and The Kid at Heart being a few of my favorite guides.

Keep reading for my favorite gifts from these charming collections…

Birch Log Bundle

Wouldn’t these add warmth to any space? Birch Log Bundle, $22.00

Cabin Incense Burner

Practical and sweet. Cabin Incense Burner, $12.00

Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set

Is it wrong to buy for yourself at Christmas?! Fallen Birch Branch Votive Set, $48.00

Alabaster Votive

These could be used anywhere. I’d place them on my nightstand. Alabaster Votive, $20.00

Frosted Rose Vase Collection

I love these array of pinks. Frosted Rose Vase Collection, $44.00

Los Poblanos Lavender Sachet

Yes please. Los Poblanos Lavender Sachet,$18.00

Popcorn Popper

My Dad would love this. Popcorn Popper, $35.00

Moose Firestarters

These are so clever. Moose Firestarters, $24.00

Ice Lantern Kit

Magical. Ice Lantern Kit, $58.00

How to Stay Alive in the Woods

I’ll take one for each of my four brothers. How to Stay Alive in the Woods, $19.95

Original Tree Swing

This is a need! Original Tree Swing, $88.00

There’s sixteen days left till Christmas, folks, and I hope that despite the rush of this time of year, you may enjoy each and every day.



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