12 Days of Christmas: Gift #7

Needless to say, our first half of gifts were definitely ladylike, so this guide is for the boys. My husband is notoriously particular and difficult to shop for, but even he approves of these ideas. Could the men in your life do with any of these?


The natural aesthetic of these Koostik Pivot amplifiers is awesome and provide up to four times the volume. Compatible with iPhone 4,4s and 5. $75.

gift2This pocket-size phone and electronics charger would be so convenient. $29.98.


These Urbanears ‘Humlan’ headphones are colorful. And washable. $49.

gift3This assortment of chicken BBQ rubs make perfecting wings at home a breeze. $11.95.

gift4Who couldn’t use this sleek travel agenda book? $130.

gift5 gift5Doesn’t every man need a fogless shower mirror? $99.

gift6This ‘meat brander‘ is ridiculous and my brother would love it. $20.71.

gift7This Whistle Creek Survival Kit fits in a sardine can and is only $11.

open“Look, Ma! One hand!” Kebo one-handed bottle opener, $24.95.

baconIf all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a bacon of the month membership. Price varies.

13 days till Christmas!


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