12 Days of Christmas: Gift #8

No matter where you call home, there will be days when the temperature drops and you might need a little extra something to stay warm. We’ve already recommended warm cowl-knit scarves, rustic home accents along with novels we love for a cosy day at home, but what about the slippers?

I practically live in my Sperry slippers when at home and slippers are so much easier to slip on and off than a big sweater. They’re also an ideal gift for anyone on your list from Grandpa to your baby sisters to your bff, and these picks are sure to please:




Yes I’m partial because these slippers are locally made right here in Minnesota, but Minnetonka Moccasins are truly the best. More reasonable than Uggs and just as warm, MM makes slippers for people of all ages. I’m especially loving this pair.



These handmade Turkish slippers are beautiful and so reasonable. $27.50 from Etsy.

slippers2These slipper booties from Target are great for those who want to make sure their slippers stay on. $21.99.

12 days till Christmas!



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