12 Days of Christmas: Gift #12

Our fun series of gift ideas has come to a close and for all you last minute-gifters out there, we’ve truly saved the best for last. At least I think so.

Let me start by saying that I love finding the perfect gifts for families and friends. We all deserve to be spoiled every now and again, but what about those who are without basic necessities at Christmas? Children waiting and hoping for a sponsor so that they can start school? Whether you gift ten or twenty dollars to these deserving charities, I hope you know it is appreciated and I think someone will feel pretty special if the gift was in their name.

Maybe you already give to certain charities, but the below list are a few of my worthy favorites:

#1: Compassion International


This organization is all about children. I support the cutest little boy in Uganda. He’s going to school because of my help!

#2: India Partners


This organization helps individuals of all ages in India break free of poverty. It also helps rescue young women and girls from sex trafficking.

#3: Kiva


This nonprofit helps people living in poverty start up their own business. For just $25 bucks you can help them. Once their business is starting, the money will be credited back to you with the option of passing it again to help someone else. How cool is that?!

One week till Christmas now! I hope you all can watch Christmas movies, be cosy and keep track of what matters.


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