Happy New Year!


This past week has been a true whirlwind between wrapping up my last days at my current job, heading home for Christmas and then returning to Minneapolis only to get sick. I’m grateful to finally be feeling better and although my mind is currently racing ahead to tomorrow and tonight and all the small details that need to be taken care of, I’m trying to stay present and think about 2013. It is, after all, the very last day of the year.

This year brought both transitions and stability. It was the first year since my senior year of high school where I felt  I had a home to love. It was the first year of being married and the only time Brady and I haven’t been long distance.

I had my first job post-grad school and, despite resistance, became an adult of sorts. I paid more bills  than I care to recall and applied for more jobs than I care to count.

I spent precious hours in the company of dear friends and a few nights in magical places away from home.

I’ve read books that made me think and dream and enjoyed delicious meals that made me thankful.

Above all, I’ve really learned to trust my convictions this year. Despite how bold and brave I like to believe I am, I’m a worrier at heart and stepping out on a limb and choosing to return to school was the hardest decision I’ve made in quite some time. Now that’s it made, however, I’ve felt such freedom and confidence. I know teaching is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and the road ahead already feels blessed.

Here’s to 2014, everyone! To a new start, new adventures and new memories!

Xo, E

Image courtesy of inspiration-guide.tumblr.com



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