New Year, New Goals

2014We’re a week into 2014 already and before another day goes by, I want to commit my goals for the year on paper. 2013 was a very special year–one where I felt safe and really grounded–but I’m looking forward to all this new year holds. I’m ready for new adventures and new ideas and a year of new books. With that, I’m making a few resolutions to bring more joy and less worry into the new year:

1) Write More. Sitting down to write creatively for more than a few minutes has long alluded me, but I want to change this in 2014. My sister knowingly gave me Writing Down the Bones for Christmas and I’m learning again and again that, like brushing my teeth and doing the dishes, writing needs to be a non-negotiable in my life. I’ve already signed up for a creative writing class next month and I don’t even care if my writing is good or, more likely, terrible. I just want to write.

2) Stay present. I never use to be much of a worrier. I always did well in school, but in high school and college I was never too worked up about grades or my social life. When did this change? When did I become a chronic worrier and someone consistently racing ahead to tomorrow? This year, I want to be present and enjoy the small pleasures of each day.

3) Healthy as a lifestyle. Throughout this past year, my workout routine and healthy eating was largely in spurts and, without too much thought, I too often skipped the gym and ate a bit too much popcorn in front of the TV. This year, I want to focus on being healthy not to lose weight, but to simply feel better on a day to day basis. More vegetables, less sugar, more movement, less stagnation!

I am so incredibly blessed and want to keep living with gratitude. I want to let Brady know how incredible he is on a daily basis. I want to be content with the clothes I already have. I want to cook more in our tiny, cosy and perfect kitchen.

Have you made resolutions? What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

Have a great one everybody,



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