How Do You Find Perspective?

I stumbled on this Bill Cosby quote a few days ago and after a week of questions and doubts, it snapped my perspective back into focus. To be more specific, do you remember me returning to school for my teaching license? In December I completed my first class and this past week I began two others. Yet, even before these courses started I began questioning whether this really was the right step for me. On the day I took the MTLEs (tests necessary towards getting licensed) I was ill with a 103 temperature. My program application had been lost twice by the school. This past Tuesday confirmed my hesitation as I learned earning my license would take at least three years instead of two…even with my masters!

I withdrew from the program the next day, experiencing a rush of clarity and levity, but now the future once again feels unsettled and I find myself again wavering with the idea of completing my doctorate. Since college, I’ve long considered becoming a professor, but completing six more years of school still feels overwhelming (not to mention the strenuous application process). Fortunately, time is on my side and I know I don’t have to rush into any decisions, but the nonetheless, clarity would be nice. Maybe, like Cosby advocates, we simply need to overrule our fears, but how do we trust our gut amid the rush of everyday life?

How do you get perspective when faced with a tough decision? I’d love to know your insights!


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