What to Pack For a Sunny Weekend Getaway

True to form, I saved packing for California to the last minute, but the process was actually a lot less stressful than I expected. The weather’s supposed to be in the 60s and 70s, so I skipped packing shorts and too many thin tops, opting instead for outfits that could take me from warm day to cool nights.

suitcaseHere’s what’s in my suitcase:

-A brown leather jacket

-A long scarf perfect for layering

-One pair of Paige denim skinnies

-Two pairs of colored denim capris (yellow and hot pink)

-A fun leopard print sweatshirt to wear for brunch (similar here)

-Nude and black sandals

-A cocktail dress for V-Day (a color-block dress I’m obsessed with!)

-A grey calf-length dress (somewhat similar to this)

-A blue tee

-A hot pink sweater

-A dressy black tee

I also packed my swim suit (naturally) and a just-in-case hiking ensemble. I’m so excited! Considering we’ll be there for four full days, I think I’ll have just enough variety in my outfits to feel good. Over the years, I’ve learned that bringing clothes which all mostly match is key as is bringing along a few fun accessories. What are your packing tricks? I’d love to know!

Until Monday!

Image found here


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