Our New Nightime Ritual



Hello, everyone! I hope today finds you well and appreciating the fact that we’re one day closer to spring. Even in cold and snowy Minnesota, the days are starting to get longer and it’s made a world of difference in my mood. Thank goodness for light! Outside of the longer days, I’ve also been sleeping so much better and I’m excited to let you in on my secret.

I’ve always been a nighttime reader, turning pages until well past my bedtime and drinking one too many cups of coffee the next day as retribution. And as much as this was worth it, I always felt somewhat guilty a) leaving the light on b) isolating Brady during these rare quiet minutes. Never did I think that getting a Nook would be the solution.

I’m traditional in almost every sense of the word and the familiar feel and weight of books has been a comfort to me for as long as I can remember. I also loved the sense of accomplishment from growing my own library and lending favorite reads to friends; not to mention decorating with books. So it was with keen resistance that I let Brady get me a Nook for Valentines. My impetus was that it would make traveling light so much easier-and it has-but it’s also made our nighttime ritual much sweeter.

Instead of delving into my private world, we’ve fell into the routine of listening to audio books together. We recently finished The Jungle Book and have just started A Tale of Two Cities and since starting this routine, we’ve both been sleeping better. Maybe it’s the comfort of being read to or the fact that you can’t dwell on worries when you’re listening to a story, but it’s one of the best things we’ve done together this year. Simple and worthwhile.

Do you always read before bed? Have you ever listened to audio books before falling asleep?

Image courtesy of @NookBN




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