Happy Friday… Happy Fashion Week.

Nothing, honestly nothing, makes you feel more British than a week spent in Milan during Fashion Week.  Never have I become so stomach-turningly aware that I have no sense of fashion than during the last seven days.  As the gorgeous and glamourous descended upon Europe’s fashion capital the rest of the world stared with bated breath waiting to discover what we’ll all be wearing next season.

I’ve never been one to religiously follow a trend, I know what suits me and what I like and I stick to it.  Or so I thought.  I’m not going to write a post about what to wear, for that I need at least six months more continental education in dressing.  However, as the rain pours down on Northern Italy and washes away Fashion week’s footprints, I invite you to take a look at the best of the best dressed.

fw1 fw2 fw3 fw4

I live in the Navigli District in Southern Milan.  Here, anything goes as long as you insert aspects of your personality into your look, be it brogues and patterned tights, braces and suits, heels and floral skirts, colour and patterns are laced together to make a mirage of styles and trends in one outfit.  This is where I live and this is what we wear… Check out 59 seconds in to catch a glimpse of some friends of mine…

Street Style in Navigli, Milan.

Happy shopping




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