Enjoy the Shire Like a Local

shireWhether you wish to enjoy a good pipe-weed with friendly company or simply admire the natural delights of this unique region, the Shire is 2014’s travel must. Keep reading for tips and recommendations on how to make the most of your visit:

Where to eat: Even those with the most generous of appetites will be hard-pressed to leave Hobbiton the least bit hungry. Start your day with a cheerful first breakfast of honey-cake and jam with extra butter and tea. Once dressed, prepare yourself for a second breakfast of coffee, seed-cakes, sausages, fried eggs, buttered scones, mince-pies, cheese, cold chicken (if available) and a modest side of bacon. When luncheon comes around, don’t be afraid to knock on the door of a hobbit-hole. Regardless of what the hobbit says, make yourself at home. The pantry is bound to be well-stocked.

What to do: Sip a pint or two of ale overlooking the Brandywine River, explore the nearby village of Buckland or kick up your heels at one of the many annual celebrations. While the anniversary of Frodo’s departure is always a somber occasion, the merriment returns in the time for Midsummer’s Eve.

What to know: Hobbits prefer to keep to themselves, but underneath their hairy demeanor, are pleasant folk who love nothing more than a good meal. Shoes are optional here and credit cards obsolete; travelers should come prepared to barter with a quarter-peck of ale and a fair amount of cold meat.

April Fools!



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