Spring is Finally Here

nanieHello, beauties! Does it feel like spring where you are? Today in Minneapolis it’s supposed to reach 70! The warmest day on record in over six months. My plans are to meet a friend at an outdoor patio and sip mojitos.

Sorry for being so bad about posting lately. Blogging and personal well-being seem to have an inverse relationship for me. When I’m uninspired in the office, I blog more and when I’m, well, quite happy at work, I can’t think of what to blog!

I do, however, want to make a spring 2014 fun-do list, so here goes:

-Plan a weekend for Gigi & Nanie to visit (Nanie’s the one in the photo)

-Have an outdoor picnic at least three times a week

-Take Aya on a long walk almost every day

-Read outside

-Eat springy foods (salads + fruit for me, please!)

-Finally read Grace: A Memoir

That’s about it. Simple is good. What are your plans now that the weather’s gorgeous?!

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