Travel Mondays: 9 Ways to Judge Europe by its Cover


How stunning is Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Stratford-on-Avon? Visited March 2012.

Sometimes I still need to pinch myself over the fact that I survived my MA year at Bristol. So much work, but so many more fantastic travel experiences. Not only was I studying my favorite authors, but I was able to visit many of their former homes and favorite haunts. So of course I had to write about them for DreamPlanGo:

For those who own more dog-eared paperbacks than they’d like to admit, there is no richer travel destination than Europe. Explore the haunts of literature’s most enduring authors and their beloved characters in these nine destinations made for bibliophiles:

Keep reading over here for the full article and let me know which literary destination you’d choose!


2 thoughts on “Travel Mondays: 9 Ways to Judge Europe by its Cover

    • Thank you! The crazy thing is that there were so many more literature adventures I could have written about…Hardy country in Dorset, Tennyson in Surrey, Jane Austen in Bath and Chawton..must get back to Europe soon!

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