Travel Mondays: Getting to Know Morocco


A photo my husband snapped while camel trekking through the Sahara Dessert in Morocco.

Four years ago my husband spent a month in Morocco and although I’ve heard all of his stories and insights by now, it’s a topic that never feels boring to us. Maybe because I’ve never been and I’m simply aching to go. Last week I had fun doing more research on this wholly exotic country and putting together a dream itinerary in the below article. I hope it inspires you!

Morocco is many things at once. Bordering Algeria and all but touching Spain, the country officially resides in North Africa, but its cultural core is French meets Middle-East. The souks and medinas smell of spice and mint and monkeys and are reminiscent of scenes from One Thousand and One Nights. The cities are rich, unexpected and diverse. The result is a country which changes from the medieval to colonial to the familiar. Travel experiences are equally diverse. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

Read the whole article here on DreamPlanGo!


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