Travel Mondays: 7 of the World’s Loneliest Islands

duluthMexico was warm and so indulgent and San Diego was fun and full of sunshine, but my favorite trip of the last year was definitely our anniversary getaway to Minnesota’s dramatic North Shore. The drive along Lake Superior always feels romantic and deliciously remote and once you get outside of Duluth, you really do feel like you’re the only souls on earth. And isn’t that what travel is about? Escaping to find that elusive peace and quiet?

It was with this in mind that I began researching seven of the world’s remotest islands for DreamPlanGo. And as difficult as it getting to some of these places, I can’t help but feel it’d be more than worth it.

Easy to miss but impossible to forget, these seven islands have remained remote, unspoiled and undeniably seductive. Sidestep the masses and indulge in solitude when you plan your escape to one of the world’s loneliest islands…

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