Good to meet you!  We are two best friends who met while studying English at the University of Bristol in England.  It took us a few months to actually have a conversation, but once we realized we shared a disdain for a certain Professor and mutual love for another, we instantly bonded.


We both adore discovering new things, musing over books, clothes, and places to travel.  One day we’ll get paid to be cultured and wander about cities we’ve not visited before, until then, grab a cup of tea (or coffee – this is a transatlantic blog) and amuse yourself with our blog.

Ash picAbout Ash

Ashleigh Joanna Searle is, in a grammatically incorrect word, the funnest girl with a brain you’ll ever meet. She is equal parts depth and fizz and her life in the south of England fascinates me. Leave it to Ash to ask the most interesting questions, bring big ideas down to earth and treat you to a glass of Red after a long hard day. Ashleigh holds degrees from the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol.  Ashleigh lives in West Sussex and, in between cups of tea, works as a freelance writer.  One day she’ll break headlines as a globe-trotting journalist.

Things Ash likes: 

England, large cups of tea, long walks, EM Forster, country houses, travel books – for any rainy day in Sussex, spontaneous car drives, old things, books, old books, music festivals, good friends, my mad, mad family, Radio4, late nights and long lie-ins, exploring new cities, Gin & Tonic, Notting Hill, Evelyn Waugh, New York, collecting post cards, and running – I love to run, oh I and I love to write, about politics, news, theater, music, society and culture. I talk A LOT, especially after a few reds.

About Em


To begin describing Emily Noelle Johnson (nee Gotta) one needs to take a deep breath, a real one, and breathe her in.  Meeting someone so intelligent and warm, with a smile you see down the end of a phone, is a rare gift in life.  Em lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her new husband Brady, and her beloved Scottie Audrey (yes, after Hepburn, darling).  She loves tea, talks and long walks.  The unequivocal all American girl, Em is prim and proper, yet a libertarian at heart.  She graduated with a masters from the University of Bristol and, one day, hopes to be a novelist. Read her blogs and you’ll be hooked on her happy, sincere, delectable take on this crazy world.

 Things Em likes:

Sleeping in, long showers, tea with milk and sugar, vanilla, baking, confetti cake, babies, my mother, books, Thomas Hardy, scarves, blankets, being on time, flossing my teeth, swimming, coffee, photography, Norway,  acoustic guitar, mascara, night cream, postcards, bookends, new recipes, love notes, napping, decorating, and being leisurely.


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