Happy Friday

colorWe made it through the week, everyone. It was a good one, but who isn’t always ready for Friday? Do you have many plans? B’s brother from California is flying in tonight and his parents are driving up tomorrow. We’ll all be attending the Bash4Guild event to support a great nonprofit committed to those struggling with mental illness. Those of you in the Twin Cities area, do come! It’s co-hosted by a friend of ours and is sure to be lots of fun.

Other than that, I’m starting to plan my sister’s bachelorette party! She’s been so stressed with planning her August wedding and I want to make sure she has one weekend where she can simply kick-back.

I hope you all have a great one and here’s some clever links from across the web…
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70 (!) cheap or free date ideas.

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You’re going to love this home tour (just wait for the shoe closest!)

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I wish I could get to this exhibit at the V&A.

Until Monday!

xo, Em

Picture courtesy of bien.tumblr


No Fuss Fashion

readyI have a confession to make.  Most mornings I’m amazed that Brady even lets me leave the house. Between talking Audrey out (she steps ever so slowly out onto the cool morning grass, softly listening for signs of life before inhaling the scents of fresh dew and leisurely moving across the lawn…), waiting for B to get out of the bathroom (Brady! unlock the door! why do you always lock the door?) and throwing a lunch together, I’m never running fewer than ten minutes late. When I do get into the car, the next battle begins.

Balancing a bowl of Greek yogurt in my lap and hoping my coffee in the cup holder doesn’t spill, I apply my mascara, trying to smudge my bad-aim from under my eyes before moving to the lipstick. Now this really needs to be precise, but lo! I’m already at the office. Okay, quick, before someone sees: line the lips, color ’em in, now go! Juggle my overflowing purse, packed lunch, coffee cup, bowl of yogurt and, on yoga days, gym bag. Slam the door, somehow manage to open the office door and, as no small miracle, fall gratefully onto my desk. Rinse and repeat Monday through Friday.

Alright, so something has got to change, right? The most logical solution would be setting my alarm a half-hour earlier or, say, packing my lunch the night before. But this raises other issues. The evenings, you see, are an equally blurred scene of taking Audrey out/going to the gym/making dinner/taking Audrey out/doing last night’s dishes and, if time’s in my favor, reading 15 minutes before falling into a coma. Ah, the blissful pace of life in America!

No, you see, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get up earlier.  But! I can keep my outfits simple. This, I’ve discovered, is the magic formula:

Loose crop trousers + tighter fitting shirt + heels

Voilà! kinda of like this:

cropWhat I really like about this combination is that you can mix in prints and mix and match colors, but the overall look is still clean and easy. So! You know now my calm morning routine + office uniform. Now, tell me, what’s yours?

Imagescourtesy of theberry and Asos

Think Spring with these 4 Pieces

This winter has,at times, truly felt never ending, but now that we’ve finally reached March, I’m beginning to hope again. And look towards spring fashion with these four fresh finds…

black dressASOS Simple Cami Dress: I love how light this dress looks and the extended sheer slip. Oh, to wear this with some killer peep-toe wedges!

tankAnthroplogie Switchneck Tank: this springy tank would go with so much and could easily transition from work to day.

pink dress

RHYME LOS ANGELES Rylan Drop Waist Flounce Dress: isn’t this fun? The drop waist is a refreshing departure from traditional silhouettes.

SHOEZara High Heel Slingback Shoe: So chic. So effortless.

What are you excited to wear when this long winter is finally over?

Happy Friday… Happy Fashion Week.

Nothing, honestly nothing, makes you feel more British than a week spent in Milan during Fashion Week.  Never have I become so stomach-turningly aware that I have no sense of fashion than during the last seven days.  As the gorgeous and glamourous descended upon Europe’s fashion capital the rest of the world stared with bated breath waiting to discover what we’ll all be wearing next season.

I’ve never been one to religiously follow a trend, I know what suits me and what I like and I stick to it.  Or so I thought.  I’m not going to write a post about what to wear, for that I need at least six months more continental education in dressing.  However, as the rain pours down on Northern Italy and washes away Fashion week’s footprints, I invite you to take a look at the best of the best dressed.

fw1 fw2 fw3 fw4

I live in the Navigli District in Southern Milan.  Here, anything goes as long as you insert aspects of your personality into your look, be it brogues and patterned tights, braces and suits, heels and floral skirts, colour and patterns are laced together to make a mirage of styles and trends in one outfit.  This is where I live and this is what we wear… Check out 59 seconds in to catch a glimpse of some friends of mine…

Street Style in Navigli, Milan.

Happy shopping



Hunter’s Alley Happiness

Have you heard about Hunter’s Alley? Since stumbling upon it the other day, I’ve become obsessed with their unique treasure trove of vintage finds and gently-loved pieces.  In our materialistic world, it’s so important to reuse and Hunter’s Alley provides an easy means to do just that. Although these finds have already been snatched up, how fun are they?

Midcentury Cocktail Set

A mid-century cocktail set perfect for girls’ night


Vintage Tiled White and Cream Mini PurseA vintage tiled white and cream mini-purse great for your phone and lipstick on a nightout

Brass Unicorn

A brass unicorn perfect for holding rings

In the meantime, you’ll know where I’ll be! X