Hello Sunshine: Balayage Hair

Over the years my hair has seen every colour and style tried out on it, so, last year I decided to give it a break and grow out all the colours and treatments inflicted on my poor locks.  But I am fickle creature and last week I decided to [gently] return to colour.  A lot has been written about the balayage technique, French for ‘too sweep’, meaning colour is brushed onto the ends from underneath, leaving the top and large sections untouched.  The result is a grown-out, sun-kissed look that is almost natural, full of movement and depth.  Balayage  is slightly different from the ombre and dip-dye colouring techniques, there is less of an obvious change as the colour needs to be similar to the base to create a smooth result.  photo

My hair is naturally wavy and medium in texture, but the technique works well on all hair types.  Best of all… no roots!!


balayage.htm3 balayage.htm2

Do you like this colour? I’m thrilled with mine!

Ash x


Goodwood Revival 2013

Most people could be forgiven for thinking that the term ‘something for everyone’ is not one usually applied to the motoring festivals at Goodwood.  I certainly have never had the slightest inkling to experience the wealth of motoring related stalls and shows that the showground has to offer for three days each September.


So, as I sauntered into Goodwood for work bright and early on Friday morning, it came as a surprise to find myself drawn to the glorious array of classic cars (I won’t even try to name a single one), not to mention the collection of boutiques and pop-up shops catering for everyone’s interests. From the usual Top Gear simulator, the period-style Tesco, complete with of-the-time packaging, to a fast array of clothing stall and motoring memorabilia, the grounds are a fairground for grown-ups with an interest in anything vintage.


Sadly I didn’t get to see a lot of the action as I was busy serving local ale (the perks of being a wannabe writer) but what I did get a full view of was the incredible costumes and outfits that are an obligatorily part of the Revival.  The festival celebrates the golden era of British motoring and the dress-up is a celebration of the glamour of the time.  Everyone from RAF pilots, hostesses, honeymooners, mod and rockers to old-fashioned mechanics in full period boiler suits made an appearance.

I’ve long been a fan of a return to ‘proper fashion’, where men and women made more of an effort to look their best.  As they sashayed around the grounds sipping champagne held in silk gloved hands the women, with their perfectly curled hair, red lipstick and yards of lace and pearls certainly looked a million miles away from the leggings and flip-flop championing crowd f today, and give me a charming man in uniform over the two-a-penny football fans any day of the week.


all pictures sourced from http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Goodwood is more than a step-back in time, it’s a revival of the glamorous spirit and energy the era held, if you have no interest in car as such, but a feel a change of scene is in order, the Goodwood Revival is the weekend for you.  I for one will certainly be getting a real ticket next year.

Ash x

Braided Hairstyles

I’ve long loved any kind of braid and especially love the whimsy of the half-up, half-down look with a braid or having a braidedponytail. I wore a braided-pony to my cousin’s wedding in Texas earlier this summer, and loved that it was more dressed up than a traditional pony, but still casual.


 It was actually my Aunt who did my hair…I really need to learn to braid! When it comes to styling hair, I’m seriously the worst, but I’m trying to learn. How fun are these braided up and down dos?





Do you like this look? I think it’s so just so dang pretty and romantic. X

Images courtesy of prettiedup.blogspot.com, pacificartistry.wordpress.com, readyhairstyles.wordpress.com, direct-hairstyles.com