Happy Friday

colorWe made it through the week, everyone. It was a good one, but who isn’t always ready for Friday? Do you have many plans? B’s brother from California is flying in tonight and his parents are driving up tomorrow. We’ll all be attending the Bash4Guild event to support a great nonprofit committed to those struggling with mental illness. Those of you in the Twin Cities area, do come! It’s co-hosted by a friend of ours and is sure to be lots of fun.

Other than that, I’m starting to plan my sister’s bachelorette party! She’s been so stressed with planning her August wedding and I want to make sure she has one weekend where she can simply kick-back.

I hope you all have a great one and here’s some clever links from across the web…
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You’re going to love this home tour (just wait for the shoe closest!)

The story behind this intriguing new movie.

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I wish I could get to this exhibit at the V&A.

Until Monday!

xo, Em

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Have a Happy Friday

sealHellooo, Friday! It’s been an unusual week for us with snow/rain/sunshine and with me house-sitting for friends and working, so I’m excited to just get home tonight and cuddle up with B and Audrey. And maybe go to the gym because I’ve haven’t been eating too healthy this week. I hate how even small changes to my schedule can really upset my healthy habits…in other news, the weather’s meant to be gorgeous in the Twin Cities this weekend, which means picnics, long walks and reading outside. What are your plans?

Have a great one everyone and enjoy these links from around the web…

This painting of NYC is marvelous.

The frilliest, most feminine dress for spring.

This would be so easy to DIY.

What a perfectly splendid home office.

Sweet and savory sandwiches perfect for this weekend’s picnic.

Drooling over easy this bookshelf.

2014 Beauty Awards (every product is under $10 bucks!)

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How to remove red stains from your lips (story of my life!)



Adorable seal pup coutresey of sofresh.tumblr.com

Happy Friday

springThe sun is shining here and it’s Friday! Cue spending lots of time outside and drinking in the sunshine.  What are your plans this weekend? My sister and her fiance will also be here–lots of fun wedding shopping to be done!

May you relax well and read this! I promise it will be tremendously worthwhile. And here’s a few fun links from around the web…

Image courtsey of sweetsurrendertumblr

How cool is this sidewalk art idea?

Even though the weather is *finally* nice, I’d love a cozy stove like this one someday.

What a great color combo.

There is something about this sketch which is so captivating.

My little sisters would melt for this Easter cake.

Can’t wait to try out this fresh salad recipe.

Two drinks that will make getting up and going to bed easy.

I love this dress!

I may be starting late, but I’m totally down for this challenge.

Have a great one, everybody!

Happy Friday

kittyHappy Friday, everyone! I can hardly believe how quickly this week went, but I’m excited to catch up on sleep and put our apartment back together this weekend.;) What are your plans? Tomorrow I’ll be going antiquing in search of wedding decor for my sister’s wedding (!!), but otherwise, I don’t have much planned.

Whatever you do, I hope you can relax! As usual, here’s some links you might enjoy…

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These aerial photographs of Africa are amazing.

100 of the Most Beautiful Words in English (they really are fun to say)

The best DIY nail art.

The photos that have defined American Cool.

Ten Organic Foods Worth the Money.

See you Monday!


Image courtesy of Mary Geary


Happy Friday

pupLet’s all breathe a great sigh of relief: it’s the weekend. This week was really packed for me and I’m so excited to sleep in tomorrow! What are your big plans?

My bff Lisi Bumba is coming over tonight for wine and dessert and on Sunday we finally get to see our good friends’ new home! Other than that, the laundry is calling my name…

Have a great one everybody and enjoy these fun links…

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A zucchini pizza crust!

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The dreamiest of backyards.

I’m not a big meat eater, but this looks delicious.

X, Em & Ash

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