Travel Mondays: Snapshots of Cape Cod

By the time I left New York, my ability to use my new Song Cybershot X900 had increased a little bit, and Cape Cod’s epic sunsets and picturesque beaches served as the perfect location to practise my photography skills on.  This, is Cape Cod in pictures….

Nantucket Harbour.

Amid the mix of boutiques and bookshop, quirky shops selling everything from clothes to kettles crop up.  This scooter was a favourite piece of mine.

I timed my visit perfectly, the late summer sunshine still shone through cool streets and the leaves were just beginning to turn.

After strolling around Nantucket for the morning, revive yourself the American way.  This coffee and sweet shop on Main St was recommended to me by a local, the pumpkin lattes are a glorious treat.

The Cape is home to hundreds of restaurants and pubs, some of them touristy and commercial. The Rose and Crown on Nantucket is the real deal, their Clam Chowder is one of the best I sampled, (I sampled a lot). Now, I lived in Bristol for four years, so I am more than an experienced cider drinking, however, Cape Cod's version of the beverage is the best west of the Atlantic.

Salt Water Taffy:  Nautical and nice.

The islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard take pride in their history as whaling ports and fishing bays.  There is nautical memorabilia at every turn, one of my favourites is this compass, painted on the exterior of a shop.


East Chop Light House.   Having spent many a summer on the Cornish coasts, the beaches on Cape Cod have a similar nautical feel and rivalled rough landscape. The meadows and heaths inland are a beautiful rural escape.  Try to get to at least one light house, the views are spectacular.

Cape Cod's attitude reigns.

Kennedy Compound, Hyannis.  You can't go anywhere the most famous of first family's summer retreat, but from the boat the whole exterior is visible.  Great for celeb spotting.


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