Brigette & Natalie Turn 5

ImageYesterday we celebrated my little sisters’ fifth birthdays with a pink polka dot red velvet cake, princess crowns, and pink tutus at the Gotta Hotel (our family nickname for my parent’s green colonial).  Brigette and Natalie have more joie de vivre than anyone I’ve ever met, and while it’s not hard to remember that cold Minnesota day five years ago when they were born two months premature, it is hard to believe the overwhelming joy they have brought into my life.

Natalie, oldest by two minutes, was born four pounds and, unlike her smaller sister, Birigette, needed oxygen those first few days. She’s been the most sensitive twin since we can remember. Nanie is, first and foremost, a Daddy’s girl. Whether my Dad, whom the girls fondly call ‘Big Joe,’ is fishing, hunting or running errands, Nanie is thrilled when she can tag along. Natalie loves nothing more than to help me bake cupcakes and is delighted when she can stir the bowl and add the finishing ‘pinkles’ to the frosting. She is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet and adores her ‘best friend,’ Gigi.

Brigette, though only three pounds at birth, never needed oxygen–she was feisty and self-sufficient from the first. She loves my parents equally, and adores her partner in crime, Nanie. Since moving four hours away from home after the wedding, Brigette has developed a habit of calling me (all by herself to my knowledge) to tell me about her little life. These conversations typically involve stories about Weenie (our family daschund), questions about Aya (my Scottie), and daily dilemmas Brigette has experienced with Jackson (our ten year old brother). These conversations are precious to me.

The girls cannot say double consonants, the letter L, and sometime stutter. Berries are referred to as ‘babies,’ my husband Brady is ‘Badey,’ and for unexplained reasons, big sister Maria is fondly called ‘Momo.’ A typical comment from the girls is, ‘You look so pipi (pretty) Emmie,’ or something like, ‘You tole my pot!’ (You stole my spot). They loves dolls, ponies, all baby animals, books, and have a keen fascination for sharks. They like to sneak diet coke, can be found ‘tiger huntin’ around the house, and believe every word from their other best friend, five year old Ariana. On Sunday Brigette informed me that ‘On Back Fiday, you can get anyfing you want!’ When I asked her source, Gigi quickly replied, ‘Ariana.’

I am so thankful for these little darlings, our honeydrops from heaven.

Natalie and Brigette: Then & Now

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