Christmas Tree is Up!

Before: Boring
Before: Boring

Tonight, after an afternoon wandering through the beautiful Macy’s Christmas displays, Brady and I returned home to try our own hand at decorating the  tree. Our very own and very first Christmas tree together.  Brady opened a bottle of Gruet–a wedding gift we’d been saving for a special occasion–and I began unwrapping our new collection of  ornaments; silvery white reindeer, pine cones frosted in reds and greens  and petite bulbs to fill in the holes.  My favorite ornament, however, was a frosted pine cone on one side with two red cardinals on the other. I saw it on the  downtown Macy’s Christmas tree this afternoon and thought that, with this being our very first Christmas, it would be a sweet tradition to begin choosing a special ornament every year to adorn the tree.  Thus, the tree is decorated, December is here, and I’m ready for Christmas baking, shopping, and a cold glass of  eggnog.

After: Beautiful!
After: Beautiful!

It’s been the ideal end to a much needed weekend of running errands, seeing good friends, and sleeping in. And after more than a month of being married, it’s beginning to hit me how funny marriage is. That, as a ‘spouse,’ you inevitably  end up doing everything together. From brushing your teeth to cleaning the bathroom from getting dolled up for a night out. For instance, Brady took me out for a real date on Friday night, our first since the honeymoon, and of course, I tried to look  decent.  When dinner turned into drinks turned into a cab ride downtown with Brady and the boys (Joe, Derrick, Colin, Jimmy), I thought ‘why not,’ and simply enjoyed myself.  And it did turn into a sincerely fun night.  Brady introduced me to the security guards  (“What! You have a wife?!”), and we even went dancing. My favorite part of the night, however, was the cab ride home compliments of our Somalian taxi driver who declared “I love the marriage! I love the marriage!” when he learned we were, indeed, married.

I am a control freak, and stress about everything from finding the right job to  the state of Audrey’s emotional well-being to wondering whether I’m reading enough, etc! But, I want to truly savor this Christmas season with my new little family in my new little apartment, remembering that what really counts is Isaiah 9:6.  However, Audrey still wants a kitten for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you!



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