Ten Reasons to Be Happy

Today, four thousand miles from snowy Minneapolis, my peers are squirming in their seats as they await their turn to shake hands with someone important as part of our graduation ceremony from the University of Bristol. I’m, of course,accepting my degree absentee, and though it would be lovely to see Bristol and Ashleigh and Caro, among others, life in Minnesota has been good to me and there’s too many reasons not to be happy. So, in an effort to keep my spirits up, here follows a list of ten reasons why today is a darn good one.

1) Easy and delicious chicken tortilla soup simmers in the crockpot.

2) I have the worst memory, but my One Line A Day journal helps me record day to day life.

3) Audrey and I (my Scottish Terrier:)) have spent copious amounts of time together, and though Brady would contest, this is a good thing.:)

4)I I’m going to try my hand at glitter nails today…results to follow!

5) A NEW BOOK. Need I say more? Completely hooked on Tea Obrech’s The Tiger’s Wife. 

6) A lovely new peplum Ted Baker top! I  ♥ gift cards.

7) Lap swimming. I may look like a half-drown minnow, but it does soothe my soul.

8) Parks & Rec!

9) DesignSponge and how it has shown me that with  a staple gun I will rule the world!

10) Being married is sillier, more fun, and much sweeter than I ever would have guessed.


X. Em


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