Why Girls’ Night is Good For You


SATCSex and the City was the only show I’ve ever watched start to finish. During college, a glass of wine and a few hours of Carrie could cure almost anything.  Looking back, I didn’t watch the show for the romantic relationships, but for the friendships. And maybe the clothes.

Tonight I’m finally getting together with some of the girls for sushi and drinks, and I’ve been looking forward to it all week. And doing this is so good for me. And for you.

An Australian study followed almost 1,500 older people for ten years. Those with “a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%.” The kicker? Having close relationships with children and relatives had almost no effect on longevity.

Good friends can even help you kick cancer. A study reported in the journal Cancer studied the friendships of 61 women with advanced ovarian cancer. The result? Those with healthy support systems “had much lower levels of a protein linked to more aggressive types of cancer.”

So get together with your friends, ladies. Make peanut butter chocolate lasagna and girl talk. X

Read the whole article on why friendships are good for you here.

Image courtesy of Instyle.com



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