Hello Sunshine: Balayage Hair

Over the years my hair has seen every colour and style tried out on it, so, last year I decided to give it a break and grow out all the colours and treatments inflicted on my poor locks.  But I am fickle creature and last week I decided to [gently] return to colour.  A lot has been written about the balayage technique, French for ‘too sweep’, meaning colour is brushed onto the ends from underneath, leaving the top and large sections untouched.  The result is a grown-out, sun-kissed look that is almost natural, full of movement and depth.  Balayage  is slightly different from the ombre and dip-dye colouring techniques, there is less of an obvious change as the colour needs to be similar to the base to create a smooth result.  photo

My hair is naturally wavy and medium in texture, but the technique works well on all hair types.  Best of all… no roots!!


Do you like this colour? I’m thrilled with mine!

Ash x


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