MAC Retro Matte

mac-retro-matte-haulI knew some thing would punish me for the bucolic summer I’ve enjoyed.  As a crawled out bed this morning at 6am I could definitely feel the first pricks on Autumn on my face and toes and as the day’s progressed there appears to be no break in the grey clouds and drizzle over London. Heavy though my heart is about this, the spirit of summer and the whirl of Goodwood this weekend still hangs in the air.

I still can’t shake how much I loved the revival of vintage fashion and make-up I saw this weekend.  I’ve never been a big fan of it but there’s defintiely something about lipstick which conveys a sense of sophistication like no other product can.  Which is why I can’t wait to try for this new Matte Retro lipstick from MAC.  Winter make-up, like clothes, can be heavier and more dramatic, and a bold lipstick is a perfect way to perk up your face if you tan is fading.  The pinkier tones look great on those with a blondie, English Rose complexion, whereas the darker colours are great if you’ve darker features.  The stick is less glossy and gloopy than Mac’s other lipsticks, which is perfect if you’re forever pulling your hair from your mouth whilst wearing them, like me.  Just make sure you’re skin is flawless and your eye make-up neutral so as not to ‘overload’ the look.

I for one will be heading straight to Selfridges after work for an Earl Grey and peruse of these beauties at my favourite make-up counter…



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